Marsh South Africa (Pty) Ltd improves its BEE status

April 27 was the corporate advisor to a consortium led by Sam Montsi, which includes Dyambu Investments (Pty) Ltd ('Dymabu') and the Ditikeni Trust ('Ditikeni') that acquired a 25% interest in Marsh South Africa (Pty) Ltd ('Marsh').

This transaction replaces the joint venture been Marsh, Sam Montsi and Dyambu which traded as Vikela Marsh (Pty) Ltd. Marsh has subsequently changed its name to Marsh Vikela. Marsh is part of the Marsh Mclennan Corporation group of companies.

April 27 assisted the consortium with regards to the structure of the transaction, the valuation of the business involved, the terms of the finance that was provided by Marsh as well as the final legal agreements. The transaction was implemented in January 2006.


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April 27 and Pointbreak have formed an association in terms whereof they will utilize their combined expertise in delivering innovative solutions and services to the clients of both companies. Pointbreak will furthermore provide representation for April 27 in the Western Cape until such time as April 27 establishes its own office in the region.


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